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Forum Skls Forum is entirely written on Java .

The given product does not use any framework like Struts or Velocity, only the own original code based on LighningBoard 0.3.7 from Xiaobo Liu.
Before installation of Skls Forum download two files:

Deployment web-application.

For start Skls Forum you will need web-container supporting Servlet/JSP. You can use Tomcat or Resin

Copy Skls Forum distribution kit sklsforum.war in directory with other web-applications.

Start your web-container. Thus distribution kit will be unpacked, and in directory of web-applications, ex. c:\Tomcat\webapps\ (further as PATH_TO_WEBAPPS) folder PATH_TO_WEBAPPS/sklsforum will appear.

In directory PATH_TO_WEBAPPS/sklsforum/WEB-INF/classes there is file with all necessary system properties:
  • in property SYS.ENCODING specify coding used by default
  • define properies SYS.ROBOT_LOGIN, SYS.ROBOT_PASSWORD, SYS.FROM_EMAIL, SYS.SMTP_HOST. These properies are used for sending post messages by the robot.

Deployment database.

The current version of Skls Forum is tested and successfully work with two DB: MySQL and HSQL (it is included in the distribution kit).

  • Unpack database in any place on disk (further as PATH_TO_DB_FILES). The directory for DB is better for choosing so that to it there was no access from the outside. For example, such directory can quite be WEB-INF, however nevertheless it is better to place DB in any other place.
  • In change the following properties:

    • DB.DRIVER=org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
    • DB.URL=jdbc:hsqldb:PATH_TO_DB_FILES\\hsqldb\\sklsforum
    • DB.USER=USER_NAME (by default "sa")
    • DB.PASSWORD=PASSWORD (by default password is empty)

  • If you plan to use MySQL, you need to establish JDBC-driver, having copied it in directory PATH_TO_WEBAPPS/sklsforum/WEB-INF/lib.
  • Create new DB sklsforum. Then use DB dump for construction DB structure and loading initial data.
  • In change the following properties:

    • DB.DRIVER=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver or
    • DB.URL=jdbc:mysql://MYSQL_SERVER_HOST/sklsforum

Multilanguage support.

In file PATH_TO_WEBAPPS/sklsforum/WEB-INF/web.xml you can establish used by default locale for display messages.

For addition new message display locale it is necessary to make the following:
  • create new resources file, using template file PATH_TO_WEBAPPS/sklsforum/WEB-INF/classes/
  • save created file with a name at PATH_TO_WEBAPPS/sklsforum/WEB-INF/classes/
  • After that new link LOCALENAME becomes accessible at forum

After entering necessary changes reload web-container.

Skls Forum is ready to use. To start it it is possible since a command line of your browser:


You can login as admin with username admin and password 123456. These values are used by default, do not forget to change them!

Probably, source codes of classes also will be necessary for you. Them it is possible download from here.

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